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Record Cleaning
Learn more about Record Restore our archive-quality record cleaner that outperforms vacuum and ultrasonic cleaners – and for a fraction of their cost.


Browse our portfolio of bespoke, single driver, full range loudspeakers.

Tube Amp Kits

Three ways to own: build it yourself, have it built for you or come to Amp Camp! Power amps, pre-amps, phono pre-amps; incredible sound and incredible value for money.


Specialist record shelving, spare parts, record accessories.

Record Cleaning Loudspeakers Tube Amplifier Kits Record Storage Accessories

Record Restore Box Set

We’ve also put significant effort into how best to use it. Our Record Restore Boxset comes with custom-made accessories that enable you to take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of our formula


We build bespoke loudspeaker systems using full range, single drivers, their high sensitivity the perfect complement for our low powered tube amps.

Tube Amplifier Kits

For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than a tube amplifier and vinyl spinning on a turntable. They go together like George and Ira, Mann and Weil, Vanda and Young, and the Glimmer Twins.

Even if you’re playing the music you love from a digital device, tube amplifiers can transform your listening experience.

They produce a sound that’s warm, rich, and most remarkably, three-dimensional. By creating a holographic effect, tube amplifiers enable you to better hear each instrument and the space between them. It’s like being at the session with the musicians performing around you.

Record Display Cabinets

One of the great pleasures of records is their cover art. To help you enjoy the covers in your collection more, we’ve designed storage cabinets that turn your living space into an art gallery