SCA Stylus Tip Cleaner

SCA Stylus Tip Cleaner

Safely clean dust and grit from your stylus with the SCA Stylus Tip Cleaner (STC).

The STC's unique polishing action safely rotates about the stylus tip within the cartridge's normal operational parameters using only the normal tracking force of the tonearm.

Importantly, no fluids are involved. Wet cleaning of a stylus, especially with chemicals, is not recommended as many styluses are glued to their cantilevers.

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Our Stylus Tip Cleaner is a simple, inexpensive, highly effective method for keeping your stylus tip clean.

This short video demonstrates its use.The Stylus Tip Cleaner is perfect for removing dust stuck on the stylus. The acrylic artifact provides a platform and being white also provides a contrasting backdrop for stylus inspection.

At 4 gms, the STC is so light it turns easily on either the platter or a record surface. The gentle rotation about the stylus's vertical axis increases the tak's effectiveness in removing fine particles. It would very difficult if not dangerous to the cantilever to try achieving the same rotational action by hand.