For us, analogue sound starts with a vinyl record. It demands analogue
amplification via the magic of the vacuum tube and is voiced by single driver, full range, high sensitivity loudspeakers.

Secret Chord Analogue (SCA) is the culmination of years of enjoyment of analogue music technology. For Stephen Price, SCA’s founder, it started with his father, Roger, whose love of music saw him build his own tube amplifier before consumer technology had become a thing.

From Stephen’s earliest memories, there was a turntable and there were vinyl records. While at university, Stephen built his own first amplifier and loudspeakers from designs in a magazine, Electronics Today International. Serendipitously, this is the same magazine where the designer of today’s Red Roo amplifiers used to work all those years ago.

In the years before 2012 (the year of the first Amp Camp), Stephen was building various tube amp designs. Impressed by the quality of the sound and delighting in the satisfaction of ‘rolling his own’, the idea of a supervised workshop was born. It wasn’t long before Amp Camp attracted the attention of Elekit of Japan. Many kits and camps later that idea became a proven experience, attracting vinyl enthusiasts from around the country.

At the same time, Stephen had started work on a better method for improving vinyl record playback. He had discovered the seminal 1954 work of Harold D Weiler, “The Wear and Care of Records and Styli.” Weiler promoted wet cleaning as the safest and most viable method. Having tried and rejected various approaches to vinyl record cleaning, Stephen was convinced of three things: wet cleaning was the only safe and effective method for cleaning records; the binder substances identified by Weiler, which defeat brushes and vacuums, had to be overcome; and, most importantly, 100% of the cleaning slurry produced by wet cleaning had to be removed.

Our vinyl record cleaning product, Record Restore (SCA's cornerstone product) is the result of many years of development and testing. We are confident it fully meets the identified objectives. No other cleaning methodology ticks all these boxes, as our customers constantly confirm to us.

Secret Chord Analogue offers high quality music outcomes and experiences in modestly priced packages. Do your soul a favour! Experience high end audio at our analogue cabin in a relaxed and serene environment. Restore your records to a pristine state and hear things from them that you’ve not heard before. Bring tube audio into your life with the personal satisfaction of building it yourself at Amp Camp.