Secret Chord Analogue offers specialised services to help you get more from the music you love.

We can help you with rediscovering your old record collection, refurbishing your turntable or indeed all the way to building a new tube amp system with matching loudspeakers.

Vinyl Record Cleaning Service

  • Records individually cleaned with Record Restore
  • Option to upgrade to an anti-static inner sleeve for each record
  • Complimentary repairs to album covers that have come apart
  • Complimentary labelling of cleaned records
  • Reliable, trackable courier service with insurance options
  • Records protected in boxes made for shipping records
  • Flat rate return shipping
  • Options for digitising your cleaned records
  • Fast turnaround

Kit Building Service

You don’t have to miss out on the awesome sound and incredible value for money tube amplifier kits offer just because you don’t have time to build one yourself.

Turntable Whispering

Secret Chord Analogue's Turntable Whisperer service for turntable setup and refurbishment; cartridge installation, tonearm installation and setup.

Equipment Auditioning

Interested in purchasing a high-end tube amplifier kit and/or a pair of bespoke loudspeakers from our portfolio? You’re invited to visit our analogue cabin in the Blue Mountains for a free audition session. After all, hearing is believing.

Amp Upgrade Service


Upgrade the standard Output Transformers (OPTs) in your Elekit tube amp with specialist OPTs designed by Lundahl of Sweden.

Red Roo

Add moving coil cartridge support to your PR5 Phono preamp with a pair of Lundahl LL9226 step up transformers.