Vinyl Record Cleaning Service

Vinyl Record Cleaning Service

  • Records professionally restored with SCA Record Restore
    • Record Restore has been measured as improving older record's signal to noise ratio by an average of 11dB and an 8dB improvement in peak noise floor. Channel separation is also enhanced
    • Record Restore has been noted to remove noise left behind by ultrasonic, vacuuming and other RCM types
    • Re-sleeving in high quality anti-static sleeves available
    • Treated album covers marked with a Record Restored mini sticker
    • Album covers with split seams are repaired
    • Courier service to collect and return your valuable records (charged separately)

    The Process

    Step 1: place your order. A worksheet will be forwarded requesting details of the discs to be cleaned. A confirmation of order cost including freight will be issued.

    Step 2: A specialist record shipping box will be forwarded to your nominated address.

    Step 3: Pack your records and notify us at that the box is ready for collection. A shipping label will be forwarded to you to print and affix to the box.

    Step 4: The box is collected by courier. We will confirm its receipt and an ETA on the job's return. An invoice will be issued for the return freight.

    Step 5: a further shipping label will be provided for return of the specialist box to us.

    Problem Vinyl Discs

    Use the provided order form to indicate albums which are particularly noisy or have resisted alternative cleaning attempts at noise elimination

    Shellac 78s

    The older type records, usually referred to as "78s", were made of shellac, a material that does not tolerate alcohol, a common ingredient in modern cleaners. Record Restore Shellac is a special formulation which achieves deep cleaning without risk to the more fragile shellac record material.

    Unless your records are new, replacing the old inner sleeves after cleaning is highly recommended to avoid the risk of re-contamination with contaminants such as dust and mould spores.

    Static electricity on a record attracts all manner of fine particles from the surrounding environment and binds them to the surface.

    Existing Sleeve

    Paper sleeves, being a wood product, are to be avoided as they are a source of dust if not actual damage to the record surface.

    The plastic inner sleeves used in years gone by - and even sometimes today - are not anti-static and may impart a static charge as the record slides in and out.

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    Customer Reviews

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    David Mac
    Restoring my 35 year old record collection

    Being a slothful man, I opted for the cleaning service over the kit and have had 90 LPs restored. The difference/transformation has been astounding, wondrous. I am no longer distracted by background sounds and crackles and interference…..I can listen properly to the music. I can enjoy it. I can concentrate on it and appreciate the tones/music/instruments. It is just remarkable.
    I cannot speak too highly of Record Restore. It just transforms the medium to a level where every nuance of the original recording/pressing is allowed through.