Secret Chord Analogue helps you get more from the music you love with a range of products, services and experiences celebrating analogue technology.


We’re the creators of Record Restore, an archive-quality record cleaning product.

We’re the Australian dealer for Elekit, maker of Japan’s finest tube amplifier kits and for the Australian designer, Red Roo kits.

And we build bespoke, single driver, full range loudspeaker systems.

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Record Restore

Unleash the magic of your vinyl records with Record Restore and get more from the music you love.

Record Restore is more than a cleaning solution; it's your key to rediscover the soul of your records. This spread 'n' peel phenomenon banishes even microscopic contaminants, unlocking hidden nuances.

Bid adieu to abrasive methods and static interference. With custom tools and a cost-effective approach, each record becomes a masterpiece. From old classics to new releases, let Record Restore elevate your vinyl experience.

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Tube Amplifier Kits

Secret Chord Analogue can help you upgrade to a high-quality tube amplifier without you having to sell your soul at the crossroads.

You can experience incredible sound, and incredible value for money, by building your own tube amplifier from one of the meticulously designed DIY kits we sell.

We offer three paths to ownership of any of our impressive tube amp kits:

  • build it yourself at home
  • build it yourself at Amp Camp, or
  • we will build it for you.
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Confluence Loudspeaker System

Introducing the Confluence Speaker System, designed and handcrafted by Secret Chord Analogue.

The four-piece system comprises two 15-inch open-baffle main speakers and two 8-inch top-firing subwoofers.

Together, they deliver a ten octave bandwidth with luminous detail, rich tonality, focused imaging and a sound stage that delivers a front row experience.

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  • Amp kit build service,
  • record cleaning service,
  • system upgrade advice,
  • record digitisation service,
  • equipment auditioning ...

    And, we can service your turntable like it’s 1969.

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Record Cleaning Service

Have your vinyl or shellac records professionally cleaned with our archive-quality cleaner, Record Restore.

Independent testing and feedback from customers around the world confirm that Record Restore rivals and even outperforms alternative methods including vacuum and ultrasonic cleaners.

Because it removes more binders and more contaminants than other cleaning methods, Record Restore reveals more of the music etched into the grooves of your records.

If you want to hear all the intricate details in your favourite records but don’t have time to deep clean them yourself, let our experts do it for you.

Read about Record Restore, and hear before and after cleaning samples.

Digitise Your Records

In 1964, George Harrison had a 45 RPM record player custom fitted in his brand new Jaguar. The next year, John Lennon had a one installed in his Rolls Royce.

These days, it’s much easier and cheaper to listen to your favourite records on the go. Our analogue-to-digital conversion service can convert your records to digital files that won’t skip when you drive over a speed hump or warp when left in the car.

Digitising the gems in your collection is also a great way to preserve rare records or recordings that have sentimental value – you’d be surprised how many aren’t available on CD or on streaming platforms.

Shellac Record Cleaning Service - (78s)

Shellac Record Cleaning (78s)

Cleaning shellac records is a delicate process requiring the most delicate of methods.

The 'modern' armada of record cleaning machines are almost guaranteed to strip the delicate shellac covering, or dissolve it.

Record Restore Shellac is specially formulated for this delicate surface and its gentle method of application and removal ideally suited for the purpose. With its unique ability to remove binders and contaminants, Record Restore Shellac will reveal more of the original glory of these very old records.

We also offer and recommend our digitisation service for these records as a logical next step after cleaning.

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We even have audiophile accommodation for your next getaway.

Our ‘Analogue Cabin' in the Blue Mountains features our sound systems delivering high fidelity at high altitude.

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Amp Camp

Always wanted to roll your own? Secret Chord Analogue runs regular Amp Camps where you get to build your own high-end tube amplifier under the guidance of our expert technicians.

Using meticulously designed kits made by Australia’s own RedRoo and Japan’s legendary Elekit, we support you to complete a pre-amp or power amp build within a single day.

That’s only possible because we streamline the process by preparing the parts, workstation and specialist tools before you arrive. Instead of the build taking you several sessions over a number of days, you’ll have your amp fully built and tested by the end of the single day you'll spend in our workshop – ready to take home, plug in and enjoy.

Combine with our Analogue Cabin Experience for the ultimate getaway!

Audiophile Accommodation

Falls Lodge is our highly regarded ‘analogue cabin’ in Australia’s picturesque Blue Mountains. It’s safe to say you’ll struggle to find a holiday rental property with a better sound system than ours.

It features a fully automatic Denon turntable, multiple tube amplifiers and our own Confluence Speaker System. You’ll also find a curated selection of classic vinyl records to help you get into holiday mode.

The cabin accommodates up to six people with options for booking individual rooms for a hosted stay or the entire cabin for those wanting their own space. And, it’s dog-friendly for those with furry audiophile friends.

For more information and bookings, visit the Falls Lodge site

Equipment Auditioning

If you’re interested in purchasing a high-end tube amplifier kit or our Confluence Speaker System, you’re invited to visit our analogue cabin in the Blue Mountains for a free audition session. After all, hearing is believing.

You’re also welcome to bring your own amplifier components to hear how they compare or combine with ours to elevate your listening experience.

One of the features of this service is our custom-made audio router. We can connect all the components you’d like to audition simultaneously then simply switch between them for instant A/B comparisons. There’s no need to reconnect so no time gaps that can cause confusion. You get to hear the differences between components immediately, which may help you identify your preferences with greater confidence.

To arrange an audition just give us a call.

I have now Restored 50 LPs and the results have been fantastic!

Some of these LPs went through a Spin Clean Mk II several times and were still noisy and scratchy. One application of Restore! and they are sounding near mint (or at least "very good +" - if you know discogs).

Worth investing for more. Restore! has done a great job and I have plenty more LPs that need it. It has made a few not so playable gems I picked up used very playable - including my quadraphonic mix of Dark Side of the Moon. I am grateful for that!

Jonathan S Hornsby, Australia

We have just yesterday finished our first group of 10 albums using Record Restore and the results are AMAZING!

These albums were all produced in the late 70s and have been stored in a plastic crate in a cupboard for 30 yrs. Originally been played in our late teens/early 20s when unfortunately they would not have been paid the due care they deserved so we are astounded by the results……..Record Restore is so easy to use and the visual improvements are evident as soon as you peel the product off. Having played them all we are extremely pleased it’s eliminated the popping and static and sound quality is like new……we have probably 1 dud so far which I’ll own up to as mine Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs but it was played to death and the surface shows serious signs of neglect but even it is playable again!

Maree Gear Umina, Australia

Chris sends his thanks

Chris B Camperdown, Australia

Decided to give Restore a shot and I'm sooooo glad that I did!

My 10 worst records were almost unplayable and headed for the bin. So I got to work (still suspicious that it would actually make any significant difference). After applying the treatment I was astounded to find that 5 of them now played 100% perfect with no crackles or pops, 3 of them played 90% better, and 2 about 70% better. I was amazed and super impressed. Now I can buy 2nd hand records from record fairs with confidence knowing I have my trusty Restore kit ready to take on the dirtiest vinyl and bring it back to life!

Lee Sydney, Australia

It is just remarkable!

I took my first batch of 35 records for Record Restore treatment around 5 weeks ago. The difference/transformation was (and still is) astounding, wondrous. I am no longer distracted by background sounds and crackles and interference…..I can listen properly to the music. I can enjoy it. I can concentrate on it and appreciate the tones/music/instruments. I could not be happier! I cannot speak too highly of the product. It just transforms the medium to a level where every nuance of the original recording/pressing is allowed through.

David McInerney Sydney, Australia

It's been a good day!

All yesterday’s Record Restore coatings removed without issues using the kit items and on playing I was astounded with the results.

On good condition discs the quietness during & between tracks was eerily excellent. The increased dynamic range was really noticeable, I was immediately WOW!

I have a Dire Straits LP, Brothers In Arms… crap condition and almost unplayable, I feared for my stylus. Now, whilst not perfect it is remarkably OK to play & enjoy. I have had this since original release and played almost to destruction on less than optimum players. Also Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP, never liked this on my restored Thorens as a harsh vocal and guitar soundtrack just irritated me but now that’s all gone and I will be playing again………You’ve made this process definitely worth the effort!

My main interest is Jazz Fusion……WOW. Now I know why vinyl is making a resurgence and what good systems can do. Mine is modest but very pleasing, especially now with Record Restore.

Bruce Reid Melbourne, Australia

Peel Session

“Here's a plan - get your vinyl, clean or dirty, paint it with a face mask, then peel it off to remove all the dirt along with it."

"We were impressed [Record Restore] managed any improvement to our lost cause Simon & Garfunkel LP, given it’s previously been through several other cleaners."

Jez Ford Sound + Image | Aug 2021

Clean Up Your Vinyl | Dec 2018

“The Vinyl Record Cleaning System initially appears fussy and complex, but is a great deal simpler and quicker than you would think. The VRC is for extreme cases, when a record has been spilled upon, dropped in the dirt or bought at a garage sale…one application should get rid of everything…when you do need it, it works.”

Rod Easdown The Guide - Sydney Morning Herald

Record Cleaners Compared

“This is an Australian development and a decidedly non-traditional approach. The VRC System is a well thought out package. On some [records], the improvement was modest, but with the messiest records, the results were huge.”

Stephen Dawson Australian Hi-Fi | May-Jun 2019

It's not often that we refer to cleaning albums as fun. But the unique Vinyl Record Cleaning System and Record Restore! vinyl record cleaning film provided much more fun than we expected. In previous articles we've looked at different approaches to cleaning LPs, all of which used the same process - get the records wet, wash the dirt out, then dry them. We've also commented on the strange (but not recommended) trend of using wood glue to “clean” albums; an interesting but peril-fraught technique. So, when our colleagues recommended that we take a look at a new process from The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company of Australia, our interest was piqued. Read on for our take on this unique process. Part one of a two-part article.