Collection: Elekit Tube Amp Upgrade Service

One of the great things about DIY is the ability to make changes to a project you've been listening to for sometime. Probably the single greatest impact on a tube amp's performance is the output transformer (OPT) and it takes serious skill to design one. Lundahl Transformers of Sweden is just such an organisation. Lundahl have specially designed OPTs for Elekit's power amps and Secret Chord Analogue is pleased to be able to offer customers an upgrade service to replace standard OPTs with these performance enhancing upgrades.

Upgrades are available for:


  • TU-8200 and TU-8200R
  • TU-8600
  • TU-8900
  • TU-8850

Red Roo PR5 Phono preamp

Add moving coil cartridge support to your PR5 Phono preamp with a pair of Lundahl LL9226 step up transformers.

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