Record Restore Box Set

Record Restore Box Set

The SCA Record Restore Box Set provides an easy and efficient means of applying Record Restore vinyl record cleaning fluid to any size vinyl record and a convenient means of drying treated records. Use the Box Set accessories to improve productivity by processing records in batches.

      Your Box Set is your entry to advanced record cleaning with Record Restore. Choose a configuration that best suits your initial requirements. Refill packs are available in a range of sizes.

      • Box Set Starter - 200ml of Record Restore to clean up to 28 x 12" LPs
      • Box Set Savvy - 400ml of Record Restore for your first 50+ LPs Restored
      • Box Set Sizeable - enjoy increased economies of scale with 600ml of Restore
      • Box Set Serious - a start point for the serious collector with 800ml of Restore: 100+ LPs cleaned

      The Starter Record Restore Box Set provides sufficient Record Restore (200ml) for up to 28 LPs, a convenient size to confirm to you that this product will indeed help you get more from the music you love.

      • Record Restore (200ml bottle) - treats up to 28 twelve inch records*
      • Record support platter and support pucks (2 x 90mm, 1 x 105mm)
      • Stack rack: record drying stand for up to 10 records
      • 5ml syringe
      • Adhesive tape
      • Bamboo pick tool
      • Record Restored labels (30)
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