Record Restore Box Set Accessories Pack

Record Restore Box Set Accessories Pack

This accessories pack is a replacement for components in the Record Restore Box Set.

The Box Set is effectively an accessory for Record Restore. Its use provides better economy and efficiency by supporting effective batch processing for greater productivity. This small pack of tools is also a simple aid for use of Record Restore.

  • 5ml syringe
  • Adhesive tape
  • Applicator brush, and
  • Flicker tool

Regular replacement of the Applicator brush used to spread Record Restore on the record helps ensure even fluid distribution. A brush can become stiff with use if not properly cleaned between uses. Should this happen, try soaking in warm water prior to removal of the softened film.

The Film Flicker is a handy tool during peeling to free any film catching on the record edge. Made of bamboo, it is safe to use around a vinyl record.
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