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The Do It Yourself or DIY project is now commonplace. The satisfaction of doing it yourself as well as the often substantial savings available can be very satisfying. We see TV shows encouraging people to take on home renovations, an undertaking that is far more complex than building a tube amp. And now there is Amp Camp, a supervised workshop that guarantees your success!

Amp Camp caters for all hobbyists, from those who may never have lifted a soldering iron all the way to trained radio engineers and electricians. Amp Camp offers the tools and space, the highest quality kits plus skilled guidance and a comfortable environment in which to build.

Amp Camp is an enjoyable build experience, providing instruction in mastering the skills and using the tools as you build your own tube amp. It is about the practical rather than the theoretical. The objective is to successfully build your own tube amp. Your first camp day therefore starts with a short course in Soldering for mastering the techniques and avoiding the pitfalls, which if not understood, may compromise the project’s outcome.

Onsite Facilities

Amp Camp offers a dedicated, air conditioned, purpose-built workshop facility complete with coffee and music as well as a sumptuous lunch, sourced from one of our favourite local eateries. We are in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains, right next door to Falls Lodge which means we can offer residential Amp Camp. All instruction, tools and materials are provided as part of your Camp. All you need bring is enthusiasm!

To order your Amp Camp, add your chosen amp project to the Cart. Next, choose the matching Amp Camp Build Experience option for your chosen model and add that to the Cart. In the Notes field in the Cart, nominate two or three possible dates. We will contact you to confirm a selection.

View a short video of Amp Camp below:

Red Roo PR5 phono preamp

Red Roo PR5 phono preamp

Australian designed RIAA phono preamplifier equaliser. The Red Roo PR5 has two phono inputs, both...
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Red Roo SE5 Tube Amplifier

Red Roo SE5 Tube Amplifier

Australian designed, this no-compromise tube design will delight electronics enthusiasts, audiop...
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100% satisfied with the sound

I received both kits on time, and built the amplifier straight away.
The instructions were easy to follow, and not too verbose (10 out of 10). I am a Technical Author, and I could not fault them.
The quality of the kit components and PCBs was excellent. Beautiful design, and forethought. It is the best kit that I have seen. 100% satisfied with the sound - so full.

Ross Field Alice Springs

I lose three hours getting lost in the sound

Hooked theTU-8500 up to my NAD 326bee, by passing its preamp, and now whenever I put music on I lose three hours getting lost in the sound.
It’s clear, punchy and has a great soundstage. Very enjoyable to listen to.
With the phono you can really hear how every record is mixed & mastered differently.

Arne Heeres Paddington

The soothing output of the tubes

The TU-8200 is running beautifully; use it all the time into my Krix KDX Main speakers and it sounds wonderful. I am a reel to reel and Nakamichi cassette deck man. I run a Tascam OB44 and an Otari MX5050 MkIII, along with Nakamichi ZX-9, two Nakamichi 680ZX & #8217s , a Nakamichi 670ZX with High-Com plus two Pioneer CT-91A’s. These analogue sources sound fantastic through the TU-8200; 8 watts in ultra linear mode is more than enough for my listening room. As an ex broadcast engineer I just like the whole tape / recording / playback experience using CD and digital files as the sources. The analogue tape sound (when well recorded) and the soothing output of the tubes makes digital sources sound much better to me.

David King Toowoomba

I am so glad I bought the kit

I have the TU-8200R operational. Powered it up this morning after assembling it over the last several days.
My first impressions - in the 20 years of being an audiophile, I have not listened to music of such warmth, separation, soundstage, the list goes on and on.

Indrajit Chakrabarty Sydney