Elekit TU-8900 - 300B/2A3 SE Power Amp Kit

Elekit TU-8900 - 300B/2A3 SE Power Amp Kit

    New design; available now
      • As the name suggests this new power amp from Elekit supports both the 300B and 2A3 tubes in a single-ended tube amp kit. The 300B with its rich
        midrange and extended bass - and 2A3 with its delicate expression and gentle tone - offer a very special sonic experience in this new design. This is an amp with amazing sound quality, super low noise, and which can be used with headphones.
      • Whilst the 300B and 2A3 look similar their operating parameters are quite different. When the amp powers up it automatically detects the tubes installed and corrects the filament voltage and voltage of B-power. This is indicated by the colour of the volume knob surround LEDs.
        • The headphone volume and impedance settings can be changed by simply moving the jumper location on the PCB. Ample space for larger coupling capacitors on the PCB is also provided.
        • The power transformer has independent windings for the right and left channel to minimize the interference between channels as much as possible. The filament power uses the latest DC-DC converter with extremely low noise and high efficiency. Schottky barrier diodes and fast recovery diodes are used as rectifying diodes that reduce even the most negligible noise spikes. Listeners can enjoy music free from noise even when using a pair of high efficiency headphones. The main circuit of the power unit is unitised per channel as a module.
        • Tube Friendly design: Warm-up time for directly-heated tubes and indirectly-heated tubes are different. In most designs, directly-heated tubes warm up faster than indirectly-heated tubes. So directly-heated tubes are often overloaded. With TU-8900, the voltage is gradually raised which reduces the level of overload to the directly-heated tubes.

        Note re Tubes:

        • Tubes are not included in standard kit supply. Customers may request tube supply at time of purchase. (Product image shown is promotional only).

        Elekit TU-8900 kit

        • excludes tubes
        • standard output transformers
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