Turntable & Tonearm Set ups and Repairs

Turntable & Tonearm Set ups and Repairs

Engage SCA's "Turntable Whisperer" service to adjust your turntable/arm/cartridge or set up a new one.

See also our vinyl record restoration service.

All turntable servicing includes a complimentary Record Restore sample pack.

Services are available for all levels of turntable sophistication, from entry level to more advanced rigs, for basic refurbishment of your TT from back-in-the-day to installation of new purchases.

Tonearm and Cartridge adjustment utilises advanced Wally tools and techniques.

For tonearm installation or turntable services please use the Enquiry Form under the Contact menu to request a quotation.

Link to Record Cleaning Service here

Cartridge adjustment & installation

This comprehensive service covers*:

  • tracking force (VTF)
  • pivot to spindle check
  • overhang
  • cartridge alignment including double null adjustment
  • azimuth
  • anti-skate
  • vertical tracking angle and stylus rake angle

Advanced tools, test recordings and analogue software analysis are employed in the achievement of the perfect setup.

*to the extent of the tonearm's capabilities.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Price
Vinyl Magic

I met Mark from Secret Chord Analogue recently at the Sydney HiFi Show and listened to one of his presentations on turntables. I spoke to him about a home tune-up and booked it in.
I have an Acoustic Signature WOW XXL turntable with a T1000 tone arm and a Soundsmith Carmen cartridge. It is a great turntable but recently it seemed louder from the left channel and the soundstage was a bit hollow.
Mark tuned up with an array of boxes and before he started with the technical stuff we played some music and he confirmed my suspicions.
The first step was to examine the stylus under a microscope and to clean the tip. The stylus was in pretty good condition but had a number of very fine minute and stubborn dog hairs. The next steps were to get all the distances right, check the speed and set the tracking forces, check the wow and flutter and all were set to manufacturers specifications. With another gizmo we discovered the turntable was ever so slightly out of level and we fixed this with some shims. Then with the use of some reference recordings detailed measurements were taken for the azimuth, anti-skating ,and VTF.
All this process took about 4 hours and Mark was meticulous in wanting to get it just right. Near enough was not good enough and he was able to achieve near mirror image readings for both the L and R channels.
The end result is a miraculous improvement in sound. The channel separation is now where it should be, the bass is deeper, the sound stage is fuller and the vocals just shimmer. We finished off the afternoon with a cold beer and played some favourite tracks and enjoyed the marvelous sound that was now coming from the system.
This tune-up has given new life to my turntable and I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to get the very best performance out of their investment.