Vinyl Record Cover Protective Outer Sleeves

Vinyl Record Cover Protective Outer Sleeves

Vinyl Record Cover Protective Sleeves by Vinyl Storage Solutions.

Crafted from high-grade crystal clear cast polypropylene, this tough protective sleeve offers unparalleled clarity, ensuring your album covers remain vividly visible while safeguarding them from scratches, dust, moisture and indeed each other. Unlike other plastic covers, it will not turn cloudy over time.

Designed with functionality in mind, our protective sleeve features a dual-pocket design, accommodating both single and gatefold covers. This innovative approach allows for easy selection of records without the need to handle the cover directly, preserving its pristine condition for years to come.

Say goodbye to worn-out covers and dusty records—our Vinyl Record Cover Protective Sleeve is here to elevate your listening experience while providing peace of mind. Discover a new standard of protection for your vinyl collection today.

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12" Dual Pocket Outer Sleeves w/ Sealable Flap (Tape on Body) - 4mil (25 pack)

Keep your 12" records safe from dust, scratches, moisture and more! One sealable pocket (with tape on the body) to protect the jacket, and a second open pocket for easy access to the record itself.

Fits: 12" record jackets up to .125" (3 mm) thick
(most single albums)*

Dimensions: 12.625" x 12.625" (320 mm x 320 mm)

Pockets: Dual

Flaps: One, sealable, tape on body, 1.25" (32 mm)

Material: 4mil cast polypropylene


Please note all outer sleeves have a size tolerance of +/- 2mm

*for albums with thicker jackets, use 12.75" or 13" sleeves

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Customer Reviews

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Brendan Lea
Ultimate covers

These covers are just the shot for storing your vinyl.
Top quality, made in Canada these add the final touch to your vinyl restoration with preservation of both covers and vinyl.
The 3ml inner sleeves are also a revelation.
Resistant to the crumpling and folding that seems to plague other sleeves while providing anti static and scratch resistance.
More good gear from Secret Chord.