SCA Seamless Sub

SCA Seamless Sub

The latest addition to the SCA Loudspeaker portfolio, the Seamless Sub provides a solid foundation for the tube amp/full range loudspeaker combination by providing a boost to frequencies from 20 Hz to just over 100Hz. This quite extraordinary active sub woofer delivers an essentially flat response to over 100dB.

With careful adjustment of the frequency and gain controls the Seamless Sub will integrate to your listening environment and main speakers totally seamlessly achieving a presentation that would otherwise require easily ten times the expenditure. And using a pair of Seamless Subs delivers enhanced bass imaging.

Whether your preference is organ music, John Bonham in full flight, jazz or full orchestral, the SCA Seamless Sub delivers a serious lift in overall system performance.

The upward firing cabinet itself is compact having a diameter of 300mm, or less than one square foot of floor space (700 cm2) x 400mm tall.

The plate amp, rated at 125W (240VAC) features a 24dB/octave low pass filter for accurate frequency attenuation and offers a switchable 6dB bass boost at 34Hz. The output stage is mono class AB for solid, well defined output. The variable gain crossover point and switchable phase controls provide optimised room integration. Combined with the 8”paper cone driver the system is fast with no hint of the mushiness common in subwoofers making it a natural adjunct to music playback as compared to movie surround sound special effects (though it will of course do that very well).

The SCA Seamless Sub (driver unit also available in white) is a recommended addition to any SCA Full Range loudspeaker pair. When connected using low level connectivity a pair of Seamless Subs can be daisy chained for optimum performance.

Cabling is included and prepared to your length specifications.

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