Red Roo SE5 Tube Amplifier

Red Roo SE5 Tube Amplifier

    Australian designed, this no-compromise tube design will delight electronics enthusiasts, audiophiles and ‘makers' alike.


    • Single ended triode power amplifier
    • 5W RMS per ch
    • Mains power is external to the amp to eliminate any chance of hum
    • Australian designed using highest quality components
    • Inputs:
      • 2 x RCA
      • 1 x 3.5mm
      • BlueTooth
    • Headphone jack
      • 32 Ohm attentuator
      • Adjust for other impedances
      • Suitable for headphones from 5 ohms and up
    • Feedback on-off switch
    • Dimensions: 185mm x 260mm
    • Tubes (not included):
      • 2 x 12AT7
      • 2 x EL34

    If you are looking for a tube amp for headphone listening with headphones of recent manufacture, the SE5 should be seriously considered.

    Red Roo SE 5 power tube amp standard kit

    • excludes tubes (see SE5 Tube Set)
    • requires soldering
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