Lundahl output transformers (TU-8200 and 8200R) installation service

Lundahl output transformers (TU-8200 and 8200R) installation service

This upgrade uses specifically designed Lundahl output transformers (OPT) for the Elekit TU-8200 and 8200R. It replaces the stock OPTs that ship with the amp. Add them to your TU-8200 or 8200R and a great amp becomes quite magnificent.

Hear a review of the impact of the LL2777B at Passion for Sound Review of TU_8200R (Part 2).

Output Transformers (2) for Elekit TU-8200R tube amp. Includes Elekit mounting harnesses, PCBs, adapter plates and assembly instructions. Soldering iron required.

The quality of a tube amplifier’s OPTs is extremely important, especially so for single-ended amplifiers. Design is all important as an air gap in the transformer is needed to prevent transformer core saturation, which would cause audible distortion and other problems. Herein lies the challenge: having an air gap lowers the inductance, which compromises low-frequency response yet to increase the inductance requires adding more windings, which adversely affects the high-frequency response.

Sweden's Lundahl is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high performance transformers. 

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