Equipment Auditioning

If you’re interested in purchasing a high-end tube amplifier kit or our Confluence Speaker System, you’re invited to visit our analogue cabin in the Blue Mountains for a free audition session. After all, hearing is believing.

You’re also welcome to bring your own amplifier components to hear how they compare or combine with ours to elevate your listening experience.

One of the features of this service is our custom-made audio router. We can connect all the components you’d like to audition simultaneously then simply switch between them for instant A/B comparisons. There’s no need to reconnect so no time gaps that can cause confusion. You get to hear the differences between components immediately, which may help you identify your preferences with greater confidence.

To arrange an audition just give us a call or fill out the request form.

Now auditioning:

Tube preamps:

  • RedRoo PR5
  • Elekit TU-8500
  • Elekit TU-8550

    Tube power amps:

  • Elekit TU-8900 (with 300B & 2A3 tubes)
  • Elekit TU-8200R (with 6L6, EL34 & KT88 tubes)
  • Red Roo SE5


  • SCA Confluence Speaker System

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Enquiry Form

Use this form to request an opportunity to audition equipment at Secret Chord Analogue's facilities in the Blue Mountains.

Please provide an idea of what you would like to achieve and we can discuss how best to proceed.

(Note that our phone is not always answered but we will respond to any messages left.)