Analogue Cabin

Falls Lodge is our highly regarded ‘analogue cabin’ in Australia’s picturesque Blue Mountains. It’s safe to say you’ll struggle to find a holiday rental property with a better sound system than ours.

It features a fully automatic Denon turntable, multiple tube amplifiers and our own Confluence Speaker System. You’ll also find a curated selection of classic vinyl records to help you get into holiday mode.

The cabin accommodates up to six people with options for booking individual rooms for a hosted stay or the entire cabin for those wanting their own space. And, it’s dog-friendly for those with furry audiophile friends.

For more information and bookings, visit the Falls Lodge site.

Equipment list. High fidelity at high altitude

• Turntable:
Fully automatic Denon TT with moving magnet cartridge & hyper-elliptical stylus

• Amplifiers:
Choice of tube preamps:
o RedRoo PR5
o Elekit TU-8500
o Elekit TU-8550

Choice of tube power amps:
o Elekit TU-8900 (with 300B & 2A3 tubes)
o Elekit TU-8200R (with 6L6, EL34 & KT88 tubes)
o Red Roo EL34

• Loudspeakers:
o SCA Confluence Speaker System

• Digital:
o Tidal streaming
o Bluetooth connectivity
o Oppo CD player


+61 (0) 2 9043 6567


PO Box 123

Suburb Name

NSW 2000

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