Record Restore picks up where Ultrasonic leaves off

Record Restore picks up where Ultrasonic leaves off

We'd sometimes wondered how Record Restore would compare to the ultrasonic method, where the record is pounded by ultrasonic energy and isopropyl alcohol; and then out of the blue a customer answered our question.

Record Restore is the gentle way of dislodging and removing the most difficult of noise, from those 'speed bump' lumps of crud through to the extremely fine particulate matter that you don't hear, but yet masks the finest detail in the groove wall modulations by effectively filling them in so that the stylus doesn't feel them.

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I’ve tried a lot of different cleaning methods for cleaning some of my older records and agree with this article. I used Record Restore on a record I never play due to the condition it was in and was very pleasantly surprised with how well it came up.


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