Improving your Restore technique

Improving your Restore technique



As the old saying goes, it's all in the wrist action. Box Set users know how the platter is used to efficiently spread the 3.5 - 4.0 mls of Restore around the record. Now look to master turning the platter with your left hand (forefinger and thumb together and push down on the puck) and holding the brush in your right on the record. Move it from the outer edge to the lead out groove and back. By angling the brush you will quickly achieve an even coating across the record. Move back to the outer edge and then allow the brush to overhang the edge. Now you will have an effective coating of the lead in groove and without spillage.

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Given the popularity of Record Restore the Revive product was discontinued.

Editor's note

Getting amazing results with the Revive & Restore products – especially with second-hand records from Japan. Record owners from Japan generally look after their records, but cigarette smoke, mould and other residue renders the records almost unplayable. After using the Revive or Restore, it’s almost like having a new record out of plastic seal.

Janes Fraser

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