Announcement: T.H.E. Show Appointed North American Distributor for Secret Chord Analogue’s Record Restore

Announcement: T.H.E. Show Appointed North American Distributor for Secret Chord Analogue’s Record Restore

Sydney, Australia, October 18, 2023 – T.H.E. Show, the pinnacle destination where music, entertainment, tech, and media converge in a cutting-edge trade show experience, is excited to announce its latest partnership with Secret Chord Analogue. T.H.E. Show has been appointed as the exclusive North American distributor for Record Restore, an innovative vinyl record cleaning product originating from Australia.

T.H.E. Show is a unique high-end audio trade show well regarded for showcasing the latest audio components and gear. It has become a hub for a growing online community, hosting year-round VIP and luxury events, which offer an immersive experience that enthusiasts crave. At T.H.E. Show, attendees don't just listen to music; they feel it, experience it, and connect with it on a deeper level. T.H.E. Show has the distinction of being the longest running show of its type in the US.

Record Restore has taken the vinyl community by storm with its groundbreaking technology that has proven itself to be highly effective in removing stubborn pops and crackles from vinyl records, surpassing other traditional record cleaning methods. It is particularly effective when rejuvenating older records, significantly improving the peak noise floor and the overall signal-to-noise ratio. Notably, Record Restore also combats static electricity, one of the most significant sources of unwanted noise on records, offering considerable advantages for new vinyl releases.

"We are thrilled to bring Record Restore by Secret Chord Analogue to the North American market," said Maurice Jung, President at T.H.E. Show. "Record Restore's cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering audio enthusiasts an emotional and immersive experience, and we believe this product will be a game-changer for vinyl collectors and music lovers."

The Record Restore Box Set is set to revolutionize the vinyl record cleaning experience. This comprehensive set includes specially designed equipment to simplify the application and removal of the cleaning formula, making it user-friendly and efficient for audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts.

In addition to Record Restore, Secret Chord Analogue offers a diverse range of products, services, and experiences designed to help people get more from the music they love. Their commitment to enhancing the analogue music experience goes beyond cleaning records and extends to various aspects of analogue audio enjoyment.

“For our foray into North America we needed a partner who’s values aligned closely with our own,” said Stephen Price, CEO and Founder of Secret Chord Analogue. “With our focus on helping people get more from the music they love with a unique mix of products, services and experiences, T.H.E. Show is just the partner we were looking for.”

Secret Chord Analogue's Record Restore has the potential to transform the way vinyl collectors care for their precious records, ensuring a cleaner, more enjoyable listening experience. This collaboration with T.H.E. Show further cements the product's position as an essential tool for audiophiles and music lovers seeking the highest fidelity from their vinyl collection.

About T.H.E. Show: T.H.E. Show is the ultimate destination where music, entertainment, tech, and media converge. It offers a unique blend of cutting-edge audio and an immersive experience for attendees who want to do more than just hear music; they want to feel it. T.H.E. Show features a wide array of brands, from industry leaders to up-and-coming rising stars.

US Media Contact: Maurice Jung, President,; 702-210-9716 or 702-THE -SHOW 702-843-7469

Australia Media Contact: Stephen Price, CEO & Founder, ; +61 409 286 150

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